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What is a SIREN number?

The SIREN ('business directory identification system') number is a unique code used to identify a company.

The SIREN number is assigned by INSEE and does not change. It is issued for the entire life of the company.

The SIREN number is composed of 8 digits and a control key, or a total of 9 digits, presented in 3 groups of 3 numbers.

The SIREN number is the same for all the establishments of a given company, unlike the SIRET number.

How can you find a company's SIREN number?

The Kompass business directory contains over 5 million companies.

You can easily find the SIREN numbers for your prospects, customers and suppliers with the Kompass business directory! This information will be helpful for your business initiatives, e-mail campaigns and direct marketing actions.

Find a company's SIREN number
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