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What is the purpose of an SME list?

An SME list give you access to detailed information, such as head office and/or secondary sites, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and names of senior executives. You can also gather information on a sector, a department, a region or a specific country, along with other valuable data: main business line, business sector, staff size, founding date, etc.

When you build an SME directory, you are developing a tool that is critical to the success of your commercial, e-mail and direct marketing operations.

How can you find a detailed list of SMEs around the world?

The Kompass business directory lists over 5 million companies, including millions of SMEs. You will be able to see detailed contact information for the companies: 6 million phone numbers, 3 million websites and professional e-mail addresses and access to 11 million executives all over the world. This information will be essential to your business initiatives, e-mail campaigns and direct marketing actions.

The thematic structure allows you to better segment your targets, plus the information is reliable and regularly updated. The Kompass business directory is a first-rate tool to energise your business.

Create your SME list
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