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International Trade Services
B2B Matchmaking services

Reach the right Partners with the right plan

Expand your business through B2B Matchmaking actions

Kompass works with all sorts of businesses, from small companies to large corporations, and have a range of business solutions to suit everyone. If you’re looking for some new opportunities in new countries, Kompass can help. In fact, Kompass has helped countless companies around the world export successfully through effective and proven methods. Don't know where to start, unlock your Global potential selecting the right companies and we put you in contact thanks to our B2B matchmaking services.

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A truly Worldwide brand

More than 50 years helping exporters to expand their businesses. Our global coverage means that we can offer true proximity to our customers and users. And that is thanks in no small part to the more than 500 employees that make us who we are. This network lets us facilitate local updates of our information base and provide local service to our customers.

A smarter guide to key prospects and partners

A local presence in countries with high growth opportunities. In addition to our Worldwide databases and Online Visibility Kompass can provide additional tailor-made services in overseas markets thanks to its local teams based in more than 70 countries.

International Trade Services

Based on your needs

Identify the best potential markets with our personalised advice for Top countries.
Get your Market Ranking report to gain time and accelerate your International development thanks to our easy-to-read and quick access to results report. Select 5, 10 or 20 countries of your interest and we will tell you which are the best markets for your business.

Qualified leads in your target region

More than 250 multilingual and multicultural consultants spread over your target markets. With teams on the ground dedicated to providing you with the best possible lead contact information, you can be sure you’ll get highly qualified prospects in your target region time after time.

International Trade Services

Strategy and Market Research

As an exporter, setting up abroad can be daunting. There are a number of export risks to consider, but with Kompass on your side, you’ll have a helping hand every step of the way.

The confidence to reach new markets

Being introduced to new cultures and new ways of doing business can be extremely beneficial. And with the right international team working to ensure you reach new markets, you will soon see your business grow in an effective and sustainable way. With our Market Ranking reports you will have high accuracy and Market and sector focus based on Global data. Optimize your resources and streamline your sales.

International Trade Services

International Trade Services

Talk to an Expert

Generate Business opportunities

  • +59 Million B2B Companies
  • +69 Million Managers
  • 24/7 access to data

Reach the right markets with the right plan

  • Market Ranking reports
  • Go to Market plan by country and goal
  • Trade Development
  • Lead Generation and Appointment scheduling

Tested. Proven

With decades of experience and a far-reaching international physical network, Kompass group is the B2B matchmaking and export service provider of choice for many governmental and private institutions around the world.

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Tailor-made Solutions

Boost your global potential with our tailor-made services.

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Market Ranking report

Expand your business through market and sales development

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